The Austin plant (Webberville) is located in Austin (Texas). Its installed capacity amounts to 35 MWp. It will generate emission-free solar power sold to Austin Energy and will contribute to AE’s fulfillment of its 30% renewable energy goal. The system will produce enough energy to power 5,000 homes.

PV Modules:  127,278 Trina (multicristaline c-Si).
Inverters :  Emerson.
Technology:  Horizontal-axis trackers. Ground mounted.
Annual Avoided Emissions :   116,8 Metric Tons of CO2.
Household Supply:  5,000 homes.

PPA System :  25 years PPA with Austin Energy.
System size :  35 MWp.
Start construction date :  March 2011.
Commissioning date :  December 2011.
EPC Contractor :  RES America.
O&M Provider :  RES America.
Land: 939 Hectares.