The Valence plant is located in the municipality of Valence-sur-Baïse in the Midi Pyrénées region. Its installed capacity amounts to 8.9 MWp and the electricity produced is connected to the local EDF distribution grid.

PV Modules:   38,280 Yingly, LDK (multicristaline c-Si).
Inverters :   Ingeteam.
Technology:   Fixed Tilt. Ground mounted.
Annual Avoided Emissions :    5,691 Metric Tons CO2.
Household Supply:   3,579 homes.

PPA System :   20-year PPA under French FiT (Tariff Order March 2011).
System size :   8.9 MWp.
Start construction date :   May 2011.
Commissioning date :   October 2011.
EPC Contractor :   TSK.
O&M Provider :   TSK.
Land: 23 Hectares.